Ok, guys, I do a blog for myself, but not many people (if any) read it, so Idon't know if I'm actually really any good at i, but let's find out!

So, I come back to the game after a long time, and need to look up standard conversion prices for my shop-so I go to Google, type in Block Miner Wik'i, and this skimpy little thing pops up. People have edited it and stuff, and there was a semi-recent comment, so I know people are trying, but it's obviously not goin too well.

So, anyway, this player of the game that has stopped and started since it was up (me, if you didn't get the hint) is going to help you guys out. I've started by re-doing the Pickaxes Page (I'd put a link to it, but I don't know how)

And, well, I'm gonna be doing some edits for the next couple of weeks or so, and a blog every now and then, and over-all, just try to get this wiki back on track. (I don't acxtually like creating pages; just fixing ones that are already made, if you want to know)

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