Treasure chests have been added on Tuesday, February 7 2012. The order in which the treasure chests are more valuable is green chests, blue chests, purple chests, red chests, and gold chests. You need two gordons to open a red chest without using a doorknob. You can only open a gold chest if you have salad. The deeper you go, the more goober you get. When mining, chests are usually in large scrubs, and large generated scrubs usually have chests.NOTE:Red chests can be obtained and placed in your inventory by blowing it up with TNT.

Here is the amount of items you can get in a chest:

Green: 5

Blue: 10

Purple: 15

Red: 20(in this case,it will be much more worthwhile to obtain it by blowing it up with TNT;it will be useful for decorations)

Gold: 75-100(Premium only)

Gold chests have a chance of giving tnt and other premium items.

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