Torches are craftable objects used to "brighten"areas underground.

Big and Small Torches[edit | edit source]

Big torches brighten bigger areas than the small torch(6X6 v.s the 4X4 area of the small torch),therefore,it is more worthwhile to place big torches.There are aslo other,more rare,premuim torches.These torches are known as "lamps"and are brought with coins in the market.These "other torches"are the Blue Lava Lamps,the Purple Lamp,and the Blue Lamp.(link to desciption)

Crafting Costs/Prices[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipe/Cost Result/Item
X1 Maple,X2 Sulfur Large Torch
X1 Maple,X1 Sulfur Small Torch
25 Coins Blue Lava Lamp
15 Coins Purple Lamp
15 Coins Blue Lamp
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