Premium Items are not obtainable by mining as they can only be brought with coins form the store,with the exception of teddy bears,which can also be brought with credits.Below is a list of premium items.(TNT is not on this list for a few reasons,so they are placed here.)

Polished DiamondsEdit

Polished Diamonds are a type of block sold in the store. Like said in the description, it is literally glowing and can be used,although with less usefulness, as a torch. Description:"Glamorous and GLOWING!"                      
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Cost:10 coins for 100 Polished Diamonds

Blue Lava LampsEdit

Blue Lava Lamps are a type of lamp that has a light-blue color, and looks like a real life lava lamp. These lamps however, has equal illumination as the other premuim lamps. Therefore, it is usually used only for decoration.

Description:"The coolest way to light your world!"
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Cost:25 coins for 10 Blue Lava Lamps

Blue LampsEdit

Blue lamps are a type of lamp with a Dark-blue Lamp shade on it. It has a same illumination then a big torch.
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Cost:10 coins for 10 Blue Lamps

Purple LampsEdit

Purple lamps are,like blue lamps,just a lamp with a purple lamp shade.It has a little more illumination then a big torch.

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5 coins for 10 Purple Lamps

Teddy BearEdit

Teddy bears act as a good addiction to "beds"as decorations.However,it is VERY expensive,and is the only premuim item able to be paid with credits at the moment.Description:"Cute and cuddly!"
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Cost:60 credits/5 coins

If you could afford them,which premuim item would you buy?

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