In block miner, ores/resources are the most common things. They can range from the humble dirt to the rare diamond.There are also craftable blocks; bricks and smooth blocks are gotten this way. (This page does not have smooth blocks on it; they are here to differ between bricks and smooths)

List of OresEdit

Most ores are found in Mine worlds;the only exception is craftable blocks (only if someone places them,and taking them is trolling/griefing) and Dirt,which can be found in Play worlds. (In order of rarity)

  • Sulfur
  • Clay
  • Stone
  • Candy Ore
  • Bronze Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Silver Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Rarium Ore
  • Rough Amethyst
  • Rough Topaz
  • Rough Emerald
  • Rough Ruby
  • Rough Sapphire
  • Rough Diamond
  • (links will be added after all resource pages are added)


These 2 mineable blocks are not ores,and are found commonly in a world.These blocks spawn in ALL worlds (play&play and mine).

  • Dirt
  • Grass


These bricks are generally used for building houses, and are more common than Smooth Bricks.

Crafting Recipe Result
X1 Rough Amethyst X25 Amethyst Brick
X3 Bronze Ore X25 Bronze Brick
X3 Clay X25 Clay Brick
X1 Rough Diamond X25 Diamonds Brick
X2 Dirt X25 Dirt Brick
X1 Rough Emerald X25 Emerald Brick
X3 Gold Ore X25 Gold Brick
X3 Iron Ore X25 Iron Brick
X2 Rarium Ore X25 Rarium Brick
X1 Rough Ruby X25 Ruby Brick
X1 Rough Sapphire X25 Sapphire Brick
X3 Silver Ore X25 Silver Brick
X3 Stone X25 Stone Brick
X1 Rough Topaz X25 Topaz Brick
Screenshot from 2014-05-13 10-56-56

The Brick crafting menu.

House ItemsEdit

These items are purely decorative;none of them can be found naturally. Most of them need maple to be crafted.These blocks are all (with the exception of wood crate) background items.

Screenshot from 2014-05-13 11-04-53

The House Items crafting window.

Crafting Recipe Result
X2 Dirt;X3 Clay X15 Flower Pot
X3 Iron Ore X15 Iron Urn
X2 Maple;X3 Iron Ore X15 Maple Window
X1 Sapphire X15 Sapphire Vase
X1 Maple;X1 Iron Ore X15 Stool
X1 Maple X15 Table Leg(pun not intended)
X1 Maple X15 Table Left
X1 Maple X15 Table Middle
X1 Maple X15 Table Right
X1 Maple X15 Wood Bowl
X10 Maple X15 Wood Crate
X2 Wood Pedstal X15 Wood Pedstal


These objects are said to be the most worthless in the game.For average people they will be "junks".
Screenshot from 2014-05-24 02-55-44

The flower crafting window.

Crafting Recipe Result
X2 Maple Leaves Buttercup Flower
X2 Maple Leaves Gentian Flower
X2 Maple Leaves Red Rose

Candy ItemsEdit

These objects are decorative objects,all being backgrounds.These objects are also considered as "junks".

Crafting Recipe Result
X2 Candy Ore X15 Cake
X1 Candy Ore X15 Candy Cane
X2 Candy Ore X15 Gingerbread Person
X1 Candy Ore X15 Green Gumdrop
X1 Candy Ore X15 Lollipop
X1 Candy Ore X15 Peppermint Candy
X1 Candy Ore X15 Red Gumdrop
X1 Candy Ore X15 Yellow Gumdrop
Screenshot from 2014-05-24 03-21-39

The candy crafting window.

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