First StepsEdit

To play,you have to have a account first.When playing on kongregate,the game auto-logins you if you have
Block Miner Main Page

Block Miner Main Page

(Note:This viedo was taken during the "Buzy Period"

a kongregate account.If you are playing on the offical website or minecraft4free,you will need to login with a block miner account.To make a account,you need a email and enter a username,and of course,a password.After that,log in,and you should see the main menu,as seen on the right.

Joining a MapEdit

When you're done logging in,click "list of mines"It is not recommended to click "Join a Random Mine",as I'll explain later.Once you see the list of mines(there may be less then 5 during the "off period"and more than 10 in the "busy period".),you should find a suitable mine in the "mine"section(There is aslo a "play"section,avoid that for now).Avoid any maps with "PL"or unknown langrgues,as polish people aslo play the game.If there are no suitable worlds,skip the next section and go to section 4.

Entering a WorldEdit

When entering a world,you should see the
Selection 004

The "hotbar" and unilty buttons

toolbar,as shown below.

Permission OffEdit

If you see the 2nd photo,it means that your permission is off.If you're in a world and your permission is off,simply click the 4th button to the right (>) and exit the world.Go back to the list of mines and find another world.If none of the worlds are suitable,skip to section 4.

Selection 005

Hotbar with perm off

Permission On

If your permission is on,proceed to section 5.You may aslo might want to take a look at section 4;the skills there may be useful later on.

Creating a WorldEdit

Creating a world is optional,but is a good step in block miner,for you always have permission to mine in that world.Worlds can be saved worlds or temporary worlds;it is recommended for you to start with temporary worlds.To create a temporary world,you need not open the list of mines;you can just click "Create a Temporary Mine"on the main menu.Once you clicked that,the temporary world will generarate,usally taking around a minute (as compared to going a older world's 45 seconds).

Mining and PlacingEdit


To mine,select your pickaxe(normally the gold pickaxe if you have just started off)and click on a block.Since
Block Miner Wiki-Mining

Block Miner Wiki-Mining

A example on how to mine.

the gold pickaxe is the lowest-tier pickaxe,you may need a number of clicks before the block breaks off and appers in your inventry.


To place a item,click on a block on the hotbar and click on a free space like you are mining.The block should appear in 1 click regardless of what pickaxe you're using.

Crafting ItemsEdit

Crafting is a

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